Sunday, 2 March 2014

Super Jerry, more paints...

I put the paints on. 
I settled on a paint scheme... not really happy with it, but I think I'll pull it together in washes and filters. The think I don't like is that I based the blue colour on WW2 germand tanks, but the white kind of makes it look more like a special units police vehicle, or military police or something... wasn't really going for that.

The contrast between the blue-grey and the white is too high and I don't like the big white nose. I should have gone with a more subtle use of white. Anyway as I said, washes and filters will save me, and I guess an MP unit is kind of cool too.

So anyway, after the red from the last post, I put on a coat of matt varnish. Then I put on several (transparent) layers of the blue-grey, the last one was a little lighter than the previous ones. Building up the colour. Then I put on the white. 

I then added chips and general wear of the top layer of paint using a knife, steel wool and a little copper wire brush from a soldering set.

After this I shot the whole thing with a coat of clear gloss varnish, readying it for decals. After that another quick coat of varnish to seal them in and it's ready for the dirt...

Thanks for looking!

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