Saturday, 22 February 2014

Super Jerry paint

With the build finished, the time has come to primer this monkey up (and do some more sanding after all the still gaping gaps, seams and putty blobs became painfully obvious again).

I'm still contemplating the colour-scheme but I couldnt wait to get started on the paint.
After some deliberation I decided to brush paint it. One because I just like act of brush painting more that AB and I also like the texturing it brings to the piece.

So first some shading (pre-shading?).
Kept the the paint really thin and layered it on in a few passes. I used a pix of Tamiya Black and Flat Brown.

After this dried I put on a couple of layers of a base colour. A mix of Flat Brown and Flat Red. 
This was the first of a couple of layers, again keeping them all thin and translucent.

Of course, being a clump fisted goon, I broke a part out of the back of the thing. So I replaced it with wire... something I should have done in the first place.

So now to decide on a paint scheme...
I'm thinking of a more traditional combination of either a light olive drab with yellow bands or a more khaki / sand colour with white accents (following the colour card in the box).
I want to put it in an urban environment later on, so maybe a more dark and light grey camo (orange bands) might work too.

Anyway, that's all for now. 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Super Jerry further assembly

The build's done. As much it can be for now.
I left some panels off and most main parts aren't glued tight yet as I'm getting ready for paint.

There are already quite a few things I want to do very differently in my next build. Most notably the weld seams... they are waaaay to crude now. I'm just chalking it up to experience and learning. We'll see how they come out after paint and weathering, maybe they be won't as noticably crappy.

I rebuild the rocket launchers out of styrene, as I couldn't get them seamless and smooth looking (without just about sanding the entire rings off anyway). This was quite a learning experience in itself. First cutting the styrene tubing to size was a nightmare, before I found this neat little pipe cutter.

Getting the styrene strip glued onto the barrels was a bit of a b*ll ache too, but I learned that after I scraped the inside of the strip with a knife (making it curl and slightly thinner) and switching to a hotter glue (for the first 3 I used Tamiya Extra Thin, but switched to the hotter Plastruct glue), they went on ok.

I also added some extra nuts/bolts that I cut off the sprue, here and there. Most notably on the back cover, which I couldn't get to fit exactly. I didn't mind the bad fit as I liked the idea of this thing having been taken off and put on a few times, by the field mechanics, and to accentuate this idea I added the bolts there (some rust and chips will be added later too).

There were also some holes in the legs I didn't really like (in the hydraulics and in the gear-looking thing through which the screw goes to attach the leg...if you opted for that construction route) (I didn't). I put another bolt in the hole in the hydraulics part and just filled the hole in the gear looking thing with putty.

That's all for now. 
Next up; deciding on a paint scheme and method… undecided between, AB / HS or all brushes.

Thanks for looking!