Friday, 25 July 2014

Super Jerry Base

A few months ago I finished work on a Super Jerry and it's been just standing there.. so I decided to build it a base.
I wanted it to be an urban environment as I think it suits the paint scheme. I also wanted to keep it kind of simple as the thing itself is busy looking enough...

Anyway here the breakdown so far:
First I build up the core by glueing polystyrene sheets on a piece of chipboard of 15cm square using wood glue.
The tiles on the sidewalk are 2mm thing pieces and the broken pillar is a piece of street chalk I stole from my 4 year old, snapped it in half and drilled some holes into them piece for the 1mm copper wire to go through. This is a dry-fit.

For the tarmac I used a piece of cracked and torn 80 grit sandpaper, also glued in place using wood glue (white glue basically).
I then built up the sides with 1.5 mm thick styrene plate (plaplate to some).

Sprayed it with gray Tamiya primer:

After then putting a few layers of Tamiya black on the sides and covering that with glossy clear coat, I masked the sides off.
I then put a coat of black primer on the top. Not that it needed more primer but I still have a can of Vallejo primer I'm using as paint because as primer I really don't like it... better use it I thought.

 Then I put a little dark gray on the tarmac from a can of Tamiya German grey I had left.. just a light dusting. Also airbrushed the sidewalk and the pillar and some debris.
After I painted the stripe on the tarmac I glued all the pieces in place with white glue and added some small rocks and a little sand here and there.

 Here's how the Jerry will stand on the thing.

Next up there's more painting of details. Some washes, streaking/water marks/dirt and some pigments... stay tuned.


Friedrich mod

So I've been buidling the Friedrich (as part of the Küster & Friedrich set by Wave)... if I can still call it that.

I've been making some... well I hesitate to call them improvements, but changes anyway.

While building this guy I felt like I wanted more room to paint... Kind of a stupid reason maybe, but I thought it might be cool to close the side windows and make the front hatch out of steel. Added a little handle (on the right side so it's easy to reach on the 'hand' side of the suit). and an extra camera on the top (I've been assuming the thing in his chest is a set of optics too)... connecting these to his visor I figured he didn't need no stinking windows (Am I taking this too serioulsy?).

Anyway I used green stuff, vallejo putty and a lot of sandpaper to fill in the windows after I glued then in of course.

It's now ready to paint the inside.

Still thinking about whether to put on the curved bars that usually go there (like on the ketzer) but since it doesnt' have those windows... it doesn't really need them anymore... 

What do you guys think? Did I just ruin a perfectly good Friedrich, or full steam ahead (not like there's any going back on this)?  

Comments are more than welcome.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

New build: the Küster

So I started a new build.
I actually started it when I was still working on the base for Auricom Griffon but I didn't want to confuse the bloggery.

The build doesn't really deviate from the instructions apart form some tiny additions (a wire going into the IR unit and a coat-hanger antenna for the processor unit in stead of the looped one).

I used Mr Surfacer 1000 to add texture to some parts, I suppose would be cast steel. Other then that nothing to report so far.

The Kuster came with Friedrich of course, which I'll build next so I can paint the simultaneously.
I have a nice idea for the colour scheme which I'll show you in a later post.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Auricom Griffon completed

Aaaand we're done.

After adding another light brown oil wash, some pigment and some grass coming out of the cracks in the concrete slab on the deck, I declared the base 'done'.

I painted the little metal rod that connect the craft to the base a matt black.

And put it all together.

Check it out below (and let me know what you think in the comments).


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Auricom Griffon Base

Just a quick update on the base...

I added the finish line markings, a wash of black/blue/green oil paint and some rust streaking.
Not much else to add. 

Next up a couple of more washes and streaking, then pigments. And some details.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Auricom Griffon base

So... I've been making some more progress on that base. It's slow going, but going.

I filled up the whole thing using acrylic filler mixed with sand and rubbed some chalk on it to change up the texture here and there. I want the track to look quite rough... in the game this thing is based on there's a lot of exploding vehicles and stuff. I want to show some of that violence. I'll working on bit of debris and wreckage from some of the losers...

Also scratched some reinforced concrete slabs for the deck bit at the top. 

Then I painted the sides black and masked them off after a couple of clear coats.. put primer on the rest and masked off the track's stripe pattern.
Painted on some Tamiya flat yellow with a brush and that's about it...
It still looks kind of dinky right now... but it will get some washes and pigments and I'm hoping this will pull it all together somewhat. Fingers crossed.