Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Added fire power added

I've finished the extra canon for the Küster and I'm actually quite happy with it. It's hugging the body of he Kuster a bit closer now and I've added a thick hose to it (going from the base to the control box)...

Anyway here are some pics...

Now it's all ready for 'almost final' assembly and than paint (I'm going to leave both Küster and Friedrich partly disassembled for ease of paint).

Monday, 25 August 2014

Added fire power

So as I mentioned before, I've been trying to equip the Kuster with some heavy weaponry...

It took me a lot of time and attempts to scratch this thing together and I'm not too sure.

I like the design. It's nice and bulky looking (heavy weaponry), but maybe not on the Kuster.
Maybe if it would ride a bit lower. Be a bit lower on hull, I but haven't had nerve to take the dremel to the base yet (I will probably wreck the whole thing).

Here's a dry-fit...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Friedrich ready for primer!

The build's done.
The joints were covered with Green Stuff added some final detail to the radome thingy.
Now it will get disassembled to get be readied for primer and than paint...

That's all for now.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Friedrich more modding

I've started thinking of the Friedrich as kind of a forward recon (like Kiowa and Apache Helicopters work together, Friedrich and Küster could do the same)... anyway, I thought the suit needed some kind of radar unit.
So I scratched one.

Here are some pics.
This is where I hit the "it will look ok after paint" moment for the first time. Usually happens a couple of times with every build for me... "will fix it in paint" followed by "will fix it with weathering" then "will fix it in washes and pigments".  ;D

I'm thinking a more bulbous radar unit would be more in line with the Ma.K. style, but then it will get very tall. It's all SG-d tight now anyway (still needs some detailing at the base where the unit goes into the suit)
Have a look; let me know what you think.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Friedrich Moderate Modding

Hi there,
A quick update on the Friedrich...

In the previous Friedrich build report I posted some pics of where I had puttied the side windows over.
That worked pretty well, but I thought it might get a little boring... so I came up with the idea of trying to fit in the steel window cover that came with the Super Jerry kit as part of the Gigant Floh optional build.

And is it turned out the fit the curve of the Friedrich hull pretty well. Just had to make some room for the shoulder and sand off the inside portal viewing thingy.  I just took the Dremel to it. Done in a flash.

I put weld seams around it using 0.5 mm styrene bar (is it still bar at the thickness? more like wire), glued it around and softened it with Tamiya Extra Thin and used a soldering chisel [looking thing] to push in the texture.

After that I added a "cast steel" texture with Mr. Surfacer 1000.

That's all for now.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Super Jerry Base Finished

So well the base for the Super Jerry is done, cutting the WIP a little short, but I was on a roll putting the paint, washes and pigments on the thing that I didn't want to pause to set the thing up for pics...

Anyway. I glued all the concrete debris on with white glue and gave it all a base coat of Tamiya Buff colour after the glue had dried. Also added some little rocks here and there.

Than I gave the cracks in the pavement a quick pin wash using the black ready made wash by Vallejo. Then I added some streaking and washes with a "European Dirt" of the same brand.
Also added some oil streaking particularly the rust effects and when that had dried a mix of light gray and light (very light) moss-green pigments.

After that I glued in the grass which I made from the hairs from an old paint brush (pig's hair I think). I used super glue to glue them into little tufts and then, after giving them a quick hint of drab green, used PVA (white) glue to stick then into the crack and holes in the pavement.

Than put the model on the base using copper rods, which were SG'ed into the feet and then gave the whole thing another treatment with pigments to blend  it all together a little...

Hope you like the result.