Saturday, 22 March 2014

Auricom Griffon Cockpit Done

It's all painted and assembled. 

As covered on the earlier posts I added some (soon to be invisible) details and spurred on by Grendel and Dragline I decided to add some decals to those details too. Might as well...

The control panel has a bunch of decals too... one tip for anyone building in the future: there's a decal that goes over the button on the righthand side of the thing (a red/white striped square). To have this fit properly you have to cut away all excess material from the decal, otherwise it won't and tear when you force in on.... which is what I did (like an idiot).

Also added some decals to the inside of the hatch and on the little screen (that what that is right?) that came form a sheet of optional decals from Wave.

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