Sunday, 9 March 2014

Super Jerry finished

Well I guess this guy is done.

After the base paint and decals were done I put on two slurry washes. A technique explained to me (and in my opinion utterly perfected) by mister Klav at A1 Plastik

The technique is basically this:
Stir up a thick mix of oil paints and odorless turpenoid, the slop it all over the thing with a brush and let it sit for a little while. I let it sit for about 5 to 10 minute, but it kind of depends on the layer underneath it. I use acrylics for base paints with a clear coat over it. Let it sit a little longer on enamels (as per Klav's advice). 

Then use q-tips to remove all the excess paints. This takes time and resource (a ton of q-tips), but I like the process. I also used rolls and wads of tissue paper here and there.

The first wash on this guy was a mix of black and green. The second, a mix of burnt umber and black and a little bit of oxyde red.
The only pic I have of this process is one I took with me phone... and it's a little crappy. Sorry.

After this I added details like rust and some streaking etc. I will admit I kind of went overboard with the rust at this point. 
The thing started making the impression it had been out of commission for a while...

After this I gave it another wash of light sand/dust colour this kind of toned down the rustyness... but still. Anyway.

then all that was left was to put in/reveal the windows.... I painted the little window frame of the main canape. This of course didn't match the stained hull in no way what so ever. Sh*t. I tried to sort of add a little wash to it.. and I kind of got it somewhat closer. Not perfect though.

Then I peeled off the latex mask from the side window and I put a 'sand/dust wash' on the windows. I didn't want the window all shiny and bright with the rest of the machine looking all old and tired. This wasn't as succesfull as I had hoped but I guess it was close enough.

From the beginning I had planned on adding some pigments to this guy. Just because I had never used them before and I thought the rocket tubes could use a bit of soot and the legs and feet could do with some sandy dirtyness. The soot worked well enough, but I'm not too sure about the legs and feet. Maybe its needs more of I might scrape some off...
I used Vallejo pigments and that pigment application fluid they've got. Couldn't really get the hang of the stuff really. 

Through-out this build I tried a lot of new things (some modding, the slurry washes and pigments for instance) I can't say I'm perfectly happy with all of my experiments, but overall I think it turned out quite nice.

Oh and the pics are a little weirdly lit (direct, low sunlight with a tinfoil reflection screen) I still don't have a decent set up for that.

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