Friday, 25 July 2014

Super Jerry Base

A few months ago I finished work on a Super Jerry and it's been just standing there.. so I decided to build it a base.
I wanted it to be an urban environment as I think it suits the paint scheme. I also wanted to keep it kind of simple as the thing itself is busy looking enough...

Anyway here the breakdown so far:
First I build up the core by glueing polystyrene sheets on a piece of chipboard of 15cm square using wood glue.
The tiles on the sidewalk are 2mm thing pieces and the broken pillar is a piece of street chalk I stole from my 4 year old, snapped it in half and drilled some holes into them piece for the 1mm copper wire to go through. This is a dry-fit.

For the tarmac I used a piece of cracked and torn 80 grit sandpaper, also glued in place using wood glue (white glue basically).
I then built up the sides with 1.5 mm thick styrene plate (plaplate to some).

Sprayed it with gray Tamiya primer:

After then putting a few layers of Tamiya black on the sides and covering that with glossy clear coat, I masked the sides off.
I then put a coat of black primer on the top. Not that it needed more primer but I still have a can of Vallejo primer I'm using as paint because as primer I really don't like it... better use it I thought.

 Then I put a little dark gray on the tarmac from a can of Tamiya German grey I had left.. just a light dusting. Also airbrushed the sidewalk and the pillar and some debris.
After I painted the stripe on the tarmac I glued all the pieces in place with white glue and added some small rocks and a little sand here and there.

 Here's how the Jerry will stand on the thing.

Next up there's more painting of details. Some washes, streaking/water marks/dirt and some pigments... stay tuned.


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