Sunday, 6 July 2014

Auricom Griffon base

So... I've been making some more progress on that base. It's slow going, but going.

I filled up the whole thing using acrylic filler mixed with sand and rubbed some chalk on it to change up the texture here and there. I want the track to look quite rough... in the game this thing is based on there's a lot of exploding vehicles and stuff. I want to show some of that violence. I'll working on bit of debris and wreckage from some of the losers...

Also scratched some reinforced concrete slabs for the deck bit at the top. 

Then I painted the sides black and masked them off after a couple of clear coats.. put primer on the rest and masked off the track's stripe pattern.
Painted on some Tamiya flat yellow with a brush and that's about it...
It still looks kind of dinky right now... but it will get some washes and pigments and I'm hoping this will pull it all together somewhat. Fingers crossed.

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