Saturday, 4 November 2017

Revival... (AG Chopper update)

Hi there..ere....ere......r.........r....... (speaking into the void of lost interest).
I haven't updated in over a year. The reason for this is that this year has been immensely tumultuous in almost every other aspect of my life and so scale modeling had ground to a comoplete halt...

Anyway recently I have slowly started buidling again (all small kits, no scratch building yet).
But before I start posting about that I wanted to share all the most recent developments on the my last big build: the AG Chopper. At the moment the build is about 99% done, but also in storage so I won't be able to finish it or take better pic of it than these... but here is the last of what I have in terms of progress (paints, assembly, chipping, decals).

Also it's interesting to note that I was contacted by a student of 3D animation, asking me if he could develop a 3D computer model of this thing (initially based on my concept sketches for it). So I also post a lot of stuff for him as reference. Maybe as his work develops (or is finished) he will allow me show you some of it.
Anywhooo here goes a massive picture dump of the AG Chopper.

Hope you like.


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