Sunday, 15 November 2015

AG Vehicle cratch build

I've been away for a while, traveling Japan, so most of my Maschinen Krieger builds have been on pause... I have however since my return started a scratch build of my own design.

As you might or might not know, I'm make my money as an illustator. So I do a fair bit of drawing, and when I'm not being payed to do so my doodles are usually quite heavily inspired by science fiction related subject...
These are some examples of the kind of doodles I post on my instagram page

So this kinds of things were what I based my design on. It was going to be some kind of single-seat anti gravity motorbike type of thing...

I roughly sketched out the a couple of views of the things and chose the nicest one and scaled it up to about 1/20 (the scale of the figure I was going to use).

And based on the this I started building.

 I had already done some playing around with a pilot from a MK Falke kit. Adding some details and putting him in a seat. I decied this guy would be a handy figure to build my machine around.

For the vehicle the first (and so far the only) thing to build was the biggest part. The front part.

I built it up out of styrene plate and a plastic boerboel with a 60 mm diametre for the core and sides.

I wanted the top of to be a little more interesting than just flat. So I built some ribs so I could lay down some planks and sand them smooth.

 And the I build a little cockpit/windshield thingy on the back end and added the first detailing part, a cockpit from a helicopter kit.

That's it for now. I'm quite happy with it so far, but there's a long way to go yet. 
It's my first proper scratch build and it's a lot of fun, I hope I won't fuck it up...

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