Friday, 9 January 2015

Snake Eye chipping and first stain

So here's another quick update.

After some deliberation amongst the members of the newly form modelling club I'm part of I decided to repaint the cockpit.
The way it was it lacked a certain 'pop'.
I repainted the metal parts a 'cockpit' green and gave the cushioned parts a more modern rubber look instead of the traditional leather. Added a small decal (hardly visible... oh well)

Now the cockpit has a more interesting contrast with the exterior.

After that I added some paint chips. Painted this time again. Sometimes I actually scratch the pain off, but with that wimpy Vallejo primer under there I didn't want to risk it... about Vallejo, I sent them an email to ask what I was doing wrong (all over the interwebs there's people talking about it's durability but it just falls of the plastic when I use it). I'm going to properly test it out in a later post.

Anyway chips painted on by hand. Then a coat of gloss varnish and the first thin sludge wash... The guy whi expained this technique to me (who is himself a master at it) calls it a stain... so I think I'll start calling it that too. Symantics.

Anyhow have a gander.


ps: pics taken with my phone; lazy.

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