Monday, 26 January 2015

MK44 White Knight

The Snake Eye has been put on hold until I have gathered the motivation to build it a vignette... so I started building this new thing. The MK44 White Knight a collab of sorts between Ma.K and Battle Robot V... google will teach you more.

A Hasegawa kit, which means this thing just builds itself. It's got a lot of options and features in terms of posing and detail. You can leave the suite open or just the hatch and you can (with a little added detailing) even leave most of the engine exposed.

I'm still building it so I haven't decided on most of these options yet.

So far the build is almost done and the cockpit is neigh on complete as far as paint.

One thing about this model that I don't like is the weaponry... to be honest it's kind of a pet peeve of mine about the quite a few Ma.K. models. The weaponry doesn't seem to be related to the size of the machine. In the suits it's not too bad, but in most of the bigger machines (Krote, Gans) the weaponry seem way to light to justify such a big machine carrying it around.

Anyway I think this guy need a better and less clumsy gun... or laser canon thing (it's a space faring unit). I'll probably sacrifice his left arm for it.

Here are some process shot... excuse the quality, they were shot with my phone.

 Added some decals and a simple wash to the cockpit.

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