Sunday, 14 September 2014

Küster & Friedrich base paints

Well the base paint's done.... just about.

The camo pattern changed a little, made it bit more robust (read: easier to paint)
the yellow is a mixture of Tamiya Lemon Yellow and Desert Yellow
The greenish khaki is Tamiya Khaki with a little Nato Black.
The darker accents is the reverse of the latter: Nato Black with a little Khaki

As I didn't want to premix the colours in advance, knowing I wouldn't make enough (or too much; I'm Dutch... I'm cheap) and I wanted to have these two to have the same colours I decided to go all artist painter on them and just mix the colours on the pallet and constantly paint different parts of both models.
This way I would kind of even out the inconsistencies in tone... or make it evenly inconsistent, if that makes sense.

Besides I'm planning on giving these some heavy duty goop washes so no-one will ever know in the end.

I'm still trying to decide where the banding is going to go.


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