Monday, 29 September 2014

Kuster and Friedrich Decals and Chipping

It's been a while but the build has come along nicely in the meantime.

In the painting department I still had to add the white banding. And well.. I didn't.
After trying to decide how to do the banding for about 2 weeks I opted for no banding at all. I still like the white accent, that's quite characteristic for the Ma.K universe, so they still needed something... Plus I wanted them to be similar on both kits. So went for the single hip joint cover. Which also made a nice spot for the number.

Then all the decals went on. Nothing really special there, apart from that I opted to not put on any personalized graphics that come with most decal sheets. Decals went on using MicroSet and MicroSol.

After the decals were on and safely protected by a couple of layers of clear coat I added some chipping effects.

I tried to do them, like I've done them before, by just taking a knife and steal wool to the paint, but the clear coat I'm (still) using is just not hard enough (it's Vallejo... don't use it. It's crap) and I ended up going right to the plastic every time I tried to scratch the paint. However carefully I tried to do it.

Anyway I painted them on. Not as natural looking as some techniques but good enough. As I've mention a couple time before, I plan of getting these guys dirty as hell in washes and weathering.

The way I did was the bog standard way I guess. Paint a scratch with pain a shade light that the top coat, then for deeper scratches put a dark (color of the base coat) mark inside that... for the really deep scratches I added bit of gun metal. Simple but effective (enough).

Have a look!

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