Friday, 15 August 2014

Friedrich more modding

I've started thinking of the Friedrich as kind of a forward recon (like Kiowa and Apache Helicopters work together, Friedrich and Küster could do the same)... anyway, I thought the suit needed some kind of radar unit.
So I scratched one.

Here are some pics.
This is where I hit the "it will look ok after paint" moment for the first time. Usually happens a couple of times with every build for me... "will fix it in paint" followed by "will fix it with weathering" then "will fix it in washes and pigments".  ;D

I'm thinking a more bulbous radar unit would be more in line with the Ma.K. style, but then it will get very tall. It's all SG-d tight now anyway (still needs some detailing at the base where the unit goes into the suit)
Have a look; let me know what you think.

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