Friday, 10 January 2014

Super Jerry

This is my second Ma. K. build and I thought this time I'd do a full WIP. The other build was such a educational journey, I thought it'd be good to log and share my next one... so here goes!

The Gigant Floh/Super Jerry kit by Wave is step up from the Ketzer for me. Bigger, more complex, bigger challenge.

But as with any build it starts with the first step.. assembling and painting the little dude that goes inside.

The guy was made up of arms, legs, torso, head... you know, the usual parts. And then there was also the visor... In this particular set, this thing came out of the mold really bad. It was all wonky and lopsided.

So I decided to give him an upgrade. Some kind of night vision thing... using green stuff, Vallejo filler,  and some little  bits of sprue and other styrene debris.
I also added some detail to his suit and a seat belt.

Building the cockpit to this thing was pretty simple; a chair, glued to a floor with a from panel and back firewall thing attached to it... all after I slapped on a bit of paint of course.

And here's our little friend trying out his new home... never to be seen again after we assemble the rest of the hull.
Bye, mate.

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