Sunday, 29 December 2013


My first post, my first build.
Well this is my first Maschinen Krieger build. I used to do a lot of classic cars and stuff when I was younger, but since I've cleared out some room in my attic to reboot my scale modeling habit, I decided to focus more on Ma.K. and sci-fi kits.
Something I always wanted to do, but was hard as these kits were very hard to come by here in the Netherlands before the old interwebs got turned on.

Anyway the build. A Ketzer from Wave.
A fun build which I kept fairly straight forward. No real mods to speak of. I covered the joints with Milliput and and added some weld seams. All firsts for me, so this whole thing was a very educational experience... There's a ton of things I'm going to do different next time (or not forget, like the sink marks in the inside of the arm cover)

 Here are some pics of the finished thing. I will eventually build this guy a base... which I will post about here. This pics aren't what one would call professional, you'll have to excuse me thing will improve with time.

 Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy.

ps: the back wall of the interior seems to be a really bright blue... it isn't really, not sure how that happened. When I've built him a base I'll get better photographs.

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