Wednesday, 13 July 2016

AG Chopper - big update part 2

Aaaaaand we're back. Welcom for part 2 of the AG Chopper Big Update!

So with the two 'aft' parts fixed together and some of he painting under way there was still quite a bit of work to be done. Especially to the under side... it needed details. Tons of them (or that's what it felt like). Stupidly, however, these are the only three pictures I have of that... (you can see more of it a bit further down)

Another big thing was some ballast/AG steering type tanks I had dreamt up in early concept sketches... need to go under the front of the cockpit and sticking out the side.

Here 's that concept sketch again:

 Those tank things were ginving me a headache because I couldn't really think of a good way to attache them but also have them on sort symmetrically and sticking out at the right angle....

In the end I just went for it and stuck them on with Green Stuff... They are on at kind of the right angle, in kind of the right place and kind of symmetrical. In other words: good enough, let's hope know one will notice.... and since it's only you reading this; don't tell anyone. 

A quick dry-fit with all the other parts...

And as you can also tell from the concept sketch there's one last obvious feature that has so far been left out (and which I had kind of forgotten about too)... it's the flag.
And because I had kind of forgotten about it I had not though of anywhere to stick it on. So I had to scratch some kind of flag mast holder thing... which I then did. From styrene plate and pipe. And glue. The flag itself is made from brass rod and masking tape... I had considered using actual fabric, but it would never feel to scale and be too heavy. This was a lot easier.

And this is where it stands now. Next up is base paints, top paints, decals and effects... and some way of getting this thing to rest on something... In my infinite stupidity I haven't though of a way to have this thing stand on its own... yet.

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed it.


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