Friday, 1 January 2016

AG Chopper back end

So I've started work on the back end of this thing.
I already had the beginnings of a jet propulsion engine (the other one under the hood is to power the anti gravity unit.... the ball in the center, duh!). That was basically some left over part from a Neuspotter sprue (that came with a Küster I built a few months ago) and a Gundam detailing kit of jet nozzles. I used two nozzles, one inside the other and the outer one is on backwards. I though it look cooler that way.
Anyway stuck them together and added a bunch of wires and hoses and assorted donor parts from various kits (helicopters and classic cars mainly)... the result:

This was fitted inside a 'chassis' I built from styrene plate and strips based on drawings I in turn based on the rendering I showed you in my last post.
I wanted it to be quite sturdy so the top is reinforced by ribs and some aves putty too.

Then I though the thing also needed some tail lights so I stuck some headlights from a 1954 Chevy Bel Air (I think) on. From which I had stripped the chrome plating by dipping the sprue in a bath of bleach...

And this is how it should sort of fit to the rest of the thing...

Next I want to do some more work on the cockpit. Ad some pedals and some handbars for steering and stuff. Also some more detailing in the form of wires and buttons and screens and stuff...

Thanks for looking!

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