Sunday, 19 April 2015

Building up dirt and decay.

So I've been adding thin wash layers of dirt.
Pin washes, spatter, streaking... all using oils. And as requested by a mate I took a lot of pics...
Here they are.

First I did a thin wash/pin wash to blend together the colours of the flaked paint and rust that's underneath and to make those panel lines pop a bit more. Add some contrast.
I used lamp blank and burnt umber.

Then I added some rust tones around the flaked and chipped areas. I applied a thin 'aura' of the rust tone around these areas and also started painting some streaks. The rusty tones are a varying combination of oxide red, yellow ochre and burnt umber.

For the streaks I tend to put down to much paint at first.. I then simply blend it in with either q-tips of a dry brush. Sometimes I dab on little dots of untwined paint, let that site for a few minutes and then use a dry (or very lightly terpenoid moistened brush) and pull down the paint to create the streak

After this, I added more streaking, some dirt splattering and oil and exhaust stains/dirt.
Still keeping everything thin and transparent. Building up layer upon layer.

Next I want to put down a thin layer of clear varnish, and add a heavier stain to the bottom half of the hull and underside of the turret and engine. And after that add some more 'fresh' streaking here and there and I think we're about done at that point...

So stay tuned.


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