Saturday, 27 December 2014

Snake Eye

It's been a while since I've posted anything and I do apologise to both of my readers, but it's because of my most recent build really...
The title being the big fat spoiler; I'm working on a Snake Eye.

Now I bought this kit quite a while ago (at least a year ago), and it had sat on my shelf all this while. After finishing my last build I wanted something quick and simple to build. I had already ordered a couple of new kits (most notably a couple of Sea Pigs), my hand were itching for so i thought I'd just do thing in wait for the to arrive from Japan.

And well when I started it the build went well enough, but as the build progressed I realised I found it a little boring. The white "NASA" design the modest gun. I wanted to make a bit more bad-ass.
So to make my point most of this time was lost on trying to think of a way to make this guy a little less clean-cut.
In the meantime the Seapigs had arrived (plus an Oskar and a MK44 White Knight), but my bench isn't big enough to handle two build at the same time... especially not with my propensity for chaos.

Anyway I assembled the guy and scratched him a more hefty piece of weaponry.
I'll let you guess what I used for the gun.

I shot the whole thing with Vallejo dark grey primer.... and I wish I hadn't. Again.
I know I've complained about it myself and there is a Dutch saying that not even a donkey is generally not stupid enough to hit its head against the same rock twice... but I got this tip (about using a blowdryer to cure it after applying it) and I still had almost a whole bottle of the stuff plus I'm cheap so I didnt' want ot chuck it... so I sprayed it on.
Anyway this shit can't take the lightest of hits without coming clean off. It's got no teeth at all. Hate it, will never ever use it again (really this time).

Anyway After the primer I decided I would send this thing to mars instead of the moon. So the ground work was layed for paint scheme befitting said planet...

Anyway here are some pics. Sorry for the text to pic ratio being so utterly boring.

More pics next time.


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