Sunday, 1 June 2014

Auricom Griffon Base Build

Been working on the base. I had a design and based on that I drew a template, printed it out and used that to build a cardboard model... I had a pic of that but the SD card got corrupted (yes it does corrupt data when you just rip it out of your machine ahah).
Anyway here the template:

When I saw how that worked I used the cardboard to cut some 1.5 mm thick styrene sheet to size and built the walls around a pressed wood base (not sure what the english is for this type of wood product).

After this I started thinking about how I was going to fix the model to the base... I want it to hover over the base under an angle and that turned out to be a bit of a ball ache. The model is quite a bit heavier than I thought.
the first attempt was to drill and glue in two 2mm pieces of copper rod into the bottom, but that wasnt' strong enough and I couldn't secure them into the mainly styrofoam base... the second attempt was to get a long bit of threaded bar (4 mm thick) but that the nut I glued into the bottom of the model didn't hold. I used green stuff and SG but to no avail. beside it woul dhave cause problems when putting the model on the base I there most likely would not have been enough room for the thing to turn enough times to get it close enough to the base...

Anyway nou I've put in a piece of styrene tube (inner circumference of 4mm) and I'm going to glue in a piece transparent styrene rod into the model and then when the base is finished but glue the rod into the tube... fingers crossed.

Cut out a square block out of the base layer of styrofoam. stuck it in place with a lump of milliput and filled in the hole with plaster. I will further secure it later by glueing a pieve of styrene sheet with a hole in it over the square hole (havein the tube stick through). 
Then I'll build up the rest of the base with more layers of styrofoam and fill up all the holes with that acrylic filler stuff

Lot of talk, not much to see.

More exciting posts later.

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