Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Auricom Griffon Paint, Decals and Weathering

Finished the base painting and some minor scratching / weathering.
I planned on doing most of them using steel wool (by layering shades of the base and top coat of the craft with clear coats in between and then going back down into them with the steel wool...) This didn't really work, so I also added some painted on chips. Not as naturally random, but fun to do. They still look a little 'cartoony' in places now, but some thick washes will help push that back.

I managed to find a guy on the Maschinen Krueger forums, how was friendly enough to print me some custom decals for a small fee.

So those went on beautifully. They responded really well to the MicroSet en MicroSol I used to put them on.
They can have a couple more coats of MicroSol, but then it's good to go for a clear coat and on to washing and more weathering!

thanks for looking!

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